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my favorite pasttime is reading your tags after you reblog things from me


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Imagine Person A doing something normal, not knowing that Person B is looking at them as lovingly as if it were the first time.

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Ame la frasee


Ame la frasee

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my favourite kind of friendship is one where there’s a mutual understanding of the fact that we both have our own lives so we won’t be able to talk or hang out all the time but when we do talk or hang out it’s like picking up right where we left off 

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What 3 ships do you most associate me with?

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i think the two most important rules of fandom are

  1. don’t judge the fandom by the fan
  2. don’t judge the fan by the fandom
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fu wa fu wa ~~❤


fufu~ ^u^  o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ 

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